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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


What?! You’re a human hunter?! Hey you over there!  What were you thinking rolling a night elf hunter?!  ‘Cause you didn’t want to roll a dwarf,…you like the LOOK of the night elf instead!?  Are you people out of your minds!?!?
These folks are absolutely NOT out of their minds, they’re playing what is fun for them.  Uh remember how games are supposed to be fun?  There is a lot of talk from time to time bashing people for their race and class combo.  Ripping on them for not selecting the best racial bonus for a toon is just ridiculous imo.   Now that’s not to say that I’m casting stones at the people who do min max and roll a character based on bonuses.  That’s THEIR game and sqeezing out every last little bit of extra numbers is fun for them.  Others want to have a specific race for the look, or had a RP back story thought up before rolling.  In any case you should play what you enjoy. 
Let’s take a close look at what all the fuss is about in plain simple terms.  I’ll take the dwarf hunter for example.  There has always been that stigma that if you don’t roll a dwarf hunter for the gun specialization then you’re rolling an inferior hunter.  The gun specialization gives you a 1% crit bonus when you use a gun.  WOW! 1%!  You all better run right now and race change for that giant dps raid changing amount!  Come on, the gain is so minimal it barely affects you.  Here’s an example from elitist jerks on the difference 1% crit will give you at 20% vs 21%:
0.01378 is by no means a number that’s going to make or break you in a fight.  But like I said there are those that want to take pride in pushing the limits and maxing out every last bit of dps they can.  Kudos to you if that’s what you enjoy.  But for many of us we have special attachments to our characters in other ways and log in to play them for other reasons. 
So the bottom line I’m throwing out there for this quick little post is this, when you’re staring at that character creation screen choose what is going to be fun for YOU to play, not what you think anyone expects you to play.  If you know your class and play it well you’ll perform just fine whether your racial bonus is beneficial or not.  


  1. The Character in that picture looks very very familiar.