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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


There are a ton of podcasts for Warcraft that can be found in iTunes, some great, some good, some you can line the cat litter box with.  What I offer you today is some info and a Q&A with the hosts about a better than great new show that just started.
Two of our favorite Warcraft podcasting personalities have joined forces to create a brand new WoW podcast: The Other Guys.  Andy Dino, best known as his Warcraft toon alter ego Daewin, is a member of the awesome guild Solace on Zul’jin.  Brian Hough is a long time player since Beta and is mostly on with his resto Druid.  I’ve known my guild mate Andy for a while and was thrilled when he gave me the inside scoop a while ago that this was in the works.  Both of these talented players have been co-hosts, guests or group members on many shows.  Andy is best known from his work on The Hunting Lodge, Polygamerous, Everything Blah, Redneck Geek and Cajun Gamer as well as several guest spots on shows like Raid Warning and Twisted Nether.  Brian, who was until recently a co-host for Raid Warning, can also be heard on The Creep and The Football Pub.  Wanting to get away from being just “the other guys” they decided to make a bold new start together as partners and get away from the guest/sidekick role to create a new show. I listened to the first episode the day it came out and I can’t recommend it enough, 5 stars all the way!  It has a very laid back casual style that really makes you feel like you’re listening to two friends just shootin’ the shit about a game they love.  The show has a great flow and the conversation is very fluid and interesting.  The two play off each other really well and give you your WoW content in a very funny and charismatic way.
There are many good WoW podcasts that top the charts as far as technical information, lore, discussions on current content, etc.  What sets The Other Guys apart is not new and breaking inside news about the game but rather how it’s delivered.  They understand that we read forums and blue posts and are probably already familiar with any patch notes before we ever hear them on a podcast.  So instead of repeating what we already know from places like wowwiki, they keep you entertained from beginning to end with their own fun takes on whatever WoW topic comes up.  You’ll still get info on the latest happenings, just in a fun unique way that makes for a great listen.
Listen online or download now at The Other Guys on itunes and please be sure to take a moment and leave feedback. 
I was fortunate enough to have Andy and Brian take some time and answer a few questions so you, the WoW fans, can get to know the hosts…
What drew you guys into wanting to be podcasters and what shows did you start out with?
Andy:  I've wanted to podcast since I heard my first one.  I have a lot of knowledge about games in general and WoW, and wanted to  share my opinion with everyone.  My first podcast was the hunting lodge with Brigwyn
Brian: I actually got my start with a soccer podcast called The Football Pub, that I am still doing on a weekly basis. Though most people probably know me from my time on Raid Warning. I  had always been interested in radio and got tired of people telling me I had a radio voice and doing nothing with it. So I started a podcast. It worked out in the end, cause now I work in Radio. 
The new show The Other Guys Podcast was named that for a reason, can you tell us about how you arrived at the name?
Andy: When we were discussing names it was kinda funny that both of ushered "sidekicks" on the shows we did.  So for me it was brigwyn and "that other guy".  So we ran with it.
Brian: It kinda just happened one night while Andy and I were talking. We both were the "sidekicks" of our previous WoW shows and wanted to have a little fun with that concept. 
What kind of format or style are you guys going for?
Andy: Everyone in the wow world regurgitates the news all the time.  We pick one thing we find interesting or important and ramble about it for awhile.
Brian: We just wanted it to be laid back and an easy listen. We didn't want to hit you over the head with news and in depth theory crafting. More of a show that sounded like your friends do when you're all chatting about WoW. 
How long have you been playing Warcraft and what toons do you have?
Andy: I have been playing wow for about 2 years.  I have my hunter Daewin (main), alts- pally, warlock, shaman, priest, and a warrior.
Brian: I have been playing WoW pretty much since Beta. I currently play mostly my Resto Druid, which has been my main since before Wrath. I spent  most of BC as a Shadow Priest, and Vanilla as a Resto Shaman. 
What changes would you most like to see implemented to Warcraft either in a patch or the next expansion down the road?
Andy: There really isn't anything I would like to see.  The game is good as it is.  Yes they have some bugs but I can't wait to see what blizzard has in store for us.
Brian: Account wide achievements and pets/mounts. I am notorious for hating alts. I don't like that all the work I've put into my main goes away if I switch mains. One of the main reasons I've stuck with my Druid is I don't want to lose all the things I've earned/collected on him. 
What are your thoughts about Blizzard selling virtual items now, i.e. pets and mounts?
Andy: It's cosmetic stuff.  It really doesn't matter and people will buy them.
Brian: I'm fine with it. It doesn't change the game for me whether or not I have the items. As long as it stays like that, no complaints here. If you don't like the idea don't buy them. I own most of the pets myself. I think the sparkle pony is a rip, so I didn't buy it. Simple as that. 
Give one bit of advice for players, anything at all directed at newbies, veterans, pvpers, raiders etc, whatever you want.
Andy: Research your class and don't be afraid to ask questions.  Most of all have fun.
Brian: It's just a game. I know that seems odd coming from someone who is active in the community, but don't ever forget it. I see too many people whose RL is dominated by the game. It's not healthy and in the end will ruin the enjoyment you get from playing it. 
If you were handed 100K gold in game what is the first thing you would want to buy?
Andy: Nothing.  I would hold it for raiding because all that stuff costs money!!
Brian: Mounts! I don't mess with the AH enough to be rich and I wish I could get things like the new Alchemist Drake and Chopper. Pets and Mounts are the one thing in game that sticks with you no matter how many expansions and raid tiers their are. Money well spent! 
Well there you have it folks, hope you enjoyed the Q&A and I know you’ll enjoy the show even more.   They will be recording every Sunday night around 10pm so look for the show to be posted in iTunes shortly after.  If you don’t already you can follow Andy and Brian on twitter for updates and tweets for show info and questions.  Andy is @Daewin and Brian is @b_hough on twitter.

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