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Thursday, December 9, 2010


     Let me just start off by saying I'm no choir boy. Before I transferred to my current home on the Zul'jin pve server I came from a pvp server.  Now if you're on a pvp server this post isn't for you. Hey, we knew the risks of rolling on a pvp realm.  Ganking, camping and griefing was all in a day's play over there.  I know I was the cause of many a player's headache and their reason for having to make a run from the graveyard. I ganked unsuspecting horde that ventured into the wrong area.  I've camped graveyards and bodies when it was strategic for whatever was going on.  But I never stuck it to anyone so bad they'd rather perform self dentistry than play for one more minute.
The term is griefing.  Basically causing someone so much damn aggravation they'd beat you with their keyboard and strangle you with the mouse cord if they could get a hold of you in real life.  Now I'm not pointing fingers at those of you in bg's or if you're pummeling some tool for invading your city.  The asshats that are getting pointed at, with my middle finger, are those that just don't know when enough is enough.
      Ok, so for example, like I said I'm now on a pve server. If I want to pvp I can flag myself, run out into the world and let the chips fall where they may.  But when it's off, it's off for a reason, I'm questing, exploring, gathering, whatever it is I'm not wanting to be bothered with pvp action.  So with that in mind here's what ticked me off enough to devote a post to the subject.  We've all been waiting with great anticipation for this latest exciting new expansion to hit.  Thousands of new quests, awesome looking new zones, and so much to explore!  We all wanted to dive in and see it all and get to work on leveling our toons.  But some people don't want to spend their precious hours questing they want to travel in packs, flagged for pvp and stand in the middle of mobs just waiting for you to aoe or hit 'em by accident. Really?! No, really?! Your actual idea of fun and the way you want to spend the first days of the expansion is too stand around and make people miserable in a game they love?  Yeah I got caught by this trap, rez'd flew out and waited my 5 minutes then went about my business carefully.  But I watched as one by one unsuspecting players were driven nuts not being able to get through their quests.  One poor bastard either didn't realize what was going on or just really wanted to finish up, was torn up 6 times before he left for good.  Grats jackasses, you succeeded in making someone hate their time in a game they like to play.  Come on people!  Show some common decency and a bit of consideration for your fellow WoW players.  Would you want it done to you?  There is so much incredible new content for all of us to enjoy, please don’t ruin it for another person.
     Now if you’re being griefed like this don’t take a bat to your monitor, grab a screen shot and write down the toon names of the offender(s) and report them.  Blizzard will take steps, especially on an rp or pve servers, to discipline this type of activity.  Believe me, I’ve seen them do it.  
Good luck to you all on your journeys to 85.

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