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Friday, December 24, 2010


Happy Holiday to all of you in the Warcraft community.  

I would just like to take a minute and address my guild and wish all of you, my WoW family, a very happy, fun, and safe holiday.  As some of you know I came over to this server for the sole purpose of joining this guild.  Probably the best decision I ever made.  I would like to specifically thank Gorte, Beerrun, Carrierwave, Firemist and all the rest of you who made me  feel very welcomed from the very start.  On my old server I guild jumped quite a bit never finding the right group of nice, for lack of a better word, people.  All of you without exception have been the most helpful and generous people I have ever encountered in game.  Always going out of your way to include me in runs, help me with enchants, or give advice.  It is truly a rare thing to find such a mix of people in the game let alone in one guild.  I am proud and very happy to be a member of such an outstanding family.  So thank you again and always know that if I can ever do anything to help anyone just send me a tell.  Solace without a doubt lives up to it's reputation of "Random Acts of Kindness".

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