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Monday, December 27, 2010


Hmm what to do, what to do?
      One of the hunter class's strongest aspects (no pun intended) has been the huge online community of ours.  We have dedicated podcasts and blogs like no other class in the game.  However, one of the least talked about topics are the pet talent trees.  You can search high and low yet find very little to help newbie and veteran hunters alike about where to best place your pet's talent points.  Oddly enough this is a blog post I've been working at recently and noticed today on twitter that another established hunter blogger Slow Wolf is also working on a similar post.  This type of guide is long overdue and is one of the questions I get asked most in game by friends and fellow hunters. 

      Over the next week I will be working out a guide for the various pet types, (cunning, ferocity, & tenacity), their point placement, why, and the reason for pet macros.  I'll also have a special section on my opinion of points when leveling.        In the meantime you can catch up on the new pet abilities and buffs in my previous post  Holy Crit! and check out Petopia for a complete rundown of hunter pets and info.

     I look forward to comparing my ideas with what Slow Wolf has to say.  Make sure you don't miss his posts or mine on this well needed subject!  For updates join my follower list and my twitter link to the right, you can follow Slow Wolf on twitter here: Slow Wolf Twitter Page

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